Canada’s Population surges over 35 million

Canada's Population surges
Canada's Population surges

Justin Trudeau is off to meet with Trump this week to discuss the sudden surge of immigrants that are flocking to Canada. Risking their lives in the cold Canadian Winter and rushing across the border to seek asylum, hundreds of refugees from around the world are crashing the border.

Mr Trudeau’s “let the world in policy” is being is being brought to it’s knees. After all once the dam has been burst how do you stop the flood. Who are these hundreds and soon to be thousands of refugees? Who is going to house them, feed them, clothe them and find them a job? You are brother.

Justin is heading to Washington and discuss with Mr Trump on how to deal with this potentially dangerous situation as already in Canada the racial tensions that are surging through the US are starting to simmer and soon could be brought to an ever increasing boil.

Canadians have always been a friendly bunch mostly due to the freedoms and the tolerances of a diverse and small population growth experienced mostly in the larger cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. That however is about to change. The population growth of Canada is about to surge out of control.


People are fleeing the US by the droves and it’s not just immigrants. Thousands of Americans are also looking North at the easy politics, loose laws and cheap real estate. With their pockets stuffed with the high flying dollar and their fear of an all out rebellion or even civil war they want to flee from Trump and his political bias towards certain peoples which I would not like to name. Citing more violence is not the cure for violence in society.


Canada’s immigration laws have always been an attractive choice for people from around the world and it’s a good chance your fathers and mothers or at the least their parents were immigrants. That’s what freedom is all about and why so many gave their lives fighting to keep it. We have always been lucky here in Canada and kept in check the insanity of other cultures.

That could change rapidly with surging populations of radical and now seemingly unchecked flows of desperate refugees from these troubled countries. As they surge into the cities of Canada rubbing shoulder to shoulder with other cultures and religions tensions will escalate.

Justin has his hands full but if he is looking for a solution by meeting with Trump I wish him luck.



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