Canadians kids are poor

If you are wondering why Canadians kids are poor  it might be because of the debt. Did you know that 1 in every 5 kids is going to bed hungry. That is in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver’s latest statistics on the growing poverty of our children. What is causing this phenomena. It just could be the high cost of housing in this sought after City. Higher housing cost’s are leaving less money for the typical families monthly food expenses.

Luxury cars and fancy new condos pepper the landscape whenever you travel the areas surrounding the most sought after real estate in the world. Behind the scenes lies a completely different kind of setting. One of dark poverty, drug wars, crime and despair. These are the ones no one talks about. Our children who are living on the edge. One in five of the children growing up in the great city of Vancouver and it’s surrounding suburbs are poor.

Canadians kids are poor
UNICEF’s global report, Report Card 14: Building the Future, reveals that Canada ranks 25th out of 41 rich nations when it comes to child well-being. (CNW Group/UNICEF Canada)
Canadians kids are poor

Every day it seems gunshots are ringing out across the suburbs. Drug wars and kids killing each other over pennies is becoming daily news. A typical newscaster has become emotionless as she describes the latest drive by shooting and the death of a young life. People pay more attention to what the traffic is doing or how warm the day might be than the death of a young drug dealer.


What is the answer? The new government of B.C. seems it is higher taxes and more social housing. Higher taxes will take more money off the food table that the kids of  BC need. Social housing will create ghettos and a crime lab of the poor. How many rich people will be living in government sponsored housing? This will create a two tier society. Rich on one side and poor on the other. More crime, more shootings, more poor kids fighting and killing each other over pennies.

Canadians kids are poor

What’s the answer? At this point there is no answer. More and more people from around the world are pouring into the lower mainland looking for a better life. This will continue to drive up the price of housing. One of the big problems of the area surrounding Vancouver is lack of land space. The only solution I can see is to give our kids proper nutrition and a sense of worth. This can easily be created in our schools.


If the so called new government can spend millions if not billions on new social housing they can take a few bucks off the table and make sure the kids of BC get a good healthy nutritious meal every day at school.



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