Strange Lights showing up in Sky around the World

From San Diego to Saudi Arabia Strange Lights showing up in Sky around the World. No one seems to know what is causing this phenomena. Could it be we are getting visits from alien space craft or maybe another planet is approaching. There are many theories as to what is causing these strange lights. Strange […]

Man captures Alien Landing live with his Cell Phone Camera

Here’s an interesting story about a man captures alien landing live with his cell phone camera. Hey we all know pictures don’t lie. I mean cell phone cameras are capturing everything from bank heists to sea monsters. So why not aliens. This guy was out for a stroll and lo and behold a ufo landed […]

Real Live encounters with Aliens from Outer Space

Well we all had to come from some where. Did you ever wonder why humans were so different from other earthly creatures. Meet some people who had real live encounters with aliens from outer space. It’s a big universe out there let’s face it. Chances of beings from other planets flying around seems pretty reasonable […]

What does the Bible say about Aliens

So just what does the bible say about aliens. Many things are written about casting out demons and supernatural events, What about miracles? Were miracles performed by alien beings. Find out what the bible has to say about aliens. Many events happened in the past that were categorized as miracles just because there was no […]