BigFoot Tracks found by Indian Army

Is this proof that the might Yeti of India exists? The Indian army was out on patrol high in the Himalayas in the middle of nowhere and came upon these strange tracks. Are they real. Something made them and it sure wasn’t the old mountain leopard theory. The tracks are simply too far apart to […]

Silver Prices Predictions and Forecasts for 2020

Hey it’s Zoomer here with some great silver prices predictions and forecasts for 2020. It just looks like silver might be the best long term investment. Mostly it is a great insurance hedge against any economic troubles. Become a Silver Gold and Precious Metal Dealer with your own Business. Build wealth monthly with Silver and […]

Heading to Las Vegas Learn how to win Money

Retirement is here and now it’s time to have some fun. So are you heading to Las Vegas learn how to win money there. Odds aren’t with you in Vegas but you can learn how to use them for your favor. Tips and tricks on how to gamble help. Watch this great video on things […]