coronvirus BC

Well it looks like the Baby Boomers are in trouble. First of all there stock portfolios are getting wiped out. Second is this new virus kills the elderly in high numbers. So will the coronovirus to drive gold price higher. According to Credit Suisse it sure seems likely. Is thisContinue Reading

Inflation Rising in Canada and the USA

It looks like inflation rising in Canada and the USA is starting to appear. Royce Mendes, senior economist at CIBC noted that headline inflation data rose at its fastest pace since in a year.However, he added that it still shouldn’t have much impact on interest rate expectations. US inflation cameContinue Reading

China is controlling the Money and it is not credit

 Calgary retiree says he was robbed of more than $800,000 of his savings to fraudsters despite security red flags.Bank Fraud running rampant in Canada and Canadians should beware. Rod McLeod, 75, was a longtime customer with Cidel Bank — one of dozens of private banks in Canada. They handle wealth managementContinue Reading