Does Consciousness Move on After Death?

So I have been reading a little about all this Quantum physics going on. I don’t know how all these people all got so smart all of a sudden. I mean even a couple of hundred years back we didn’t even know how to read and write and here we are today, heading into the Universe on  a Silver Star Ship.

It seems that Consciousness rules the Universe. Everything you feel, see and touch was made by it. Apparently it has always been here and is within every material creature. Even a rock lying on the ground has it. The Universe was a vast void and consciousness willed it into being.

This science sounds a lot like the books written of creation doesn’t it. A God created the heavens and earth and all the creatures and plants and you and me. Science now thinks through Quantum theory that consciousness does indeed control us and is inside of us and is still there after death.


This sounds much like the prophets have been telling us for years. Life after death. Studies have been done and it also has been shown through modern telescopes and movements of the Stars and Galaxies and black holes and space in general that there might be multiple universes. There could be infinite universes. There could be no end to your consciousness. When you die it just might be there is no heaven or hell just a quiet return to the infinite universe of consciousness.

It still remains the biggest mystery of life doesn’t it. Scientists can theorize and Prophets can preach but when it comes right down to it no one really knows until it happens to them.

One thing we can all be assured of and this is a fact no one can disprove. We are all in the same big boat. From the smallest microbe to the largest Star, we are all from and are part of this God. It is inside everything, it has been proven by Science.

If your life is a little lost or out of control or your not quite the same as something else do not fret. You are just consciousness floating and moving and crashing and flowing through time and space forever. You are growing and learning and expanding and gathering forever until you bloom into the perfect being.



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