Crazy stuff going on at the Stock Exhanges

So what is with all the crazy stuff going on at the stock exchanges. The Dow took a major dive yesterday and was in free fall like a crazy ride on the super coaster. Look out below they were crying. So what’s going on. The most likely thing is the crazy happy day traders were hitting the sell buttons.

In this day of soaring housing cost’s and sketchy unemployment it is safe to say that we are in a stage of “What the heck is going on”. Crime is up, drugs are rampant and there is increasing overdoses from coast to coast. Who knows what is going on with oil prices. They are in the tank but my gas bill keeps going up to the point I might use the car for a planter.

The weather is just nuts’ and I know it’s boring to talk about the weather. Craigs List and Facebook seem to be ruling the planet and drones are flying around everywhere. Soon they will be taking you shopping, fighting the wars and quarding your borders.

The stock market could crash tomorrow or it could go to 40000, who knows. Is inflation going to take over or are we heading for a depression when the US debt becomes too large. I don’t think anybody knows what will happen when someone writes a virus that will shut down the worlds computer systems. Yikes…

Do not worry because Trump has everything in control down south. I think he is going to fire the reps in the house though because nobody will do anything he wants. Too bad he can’t fire the senate. It’s a little different up here in Canada because we got Justin who is more of a punk rocker that a business tycoon. He just goes with the flow until you piss him off then he just knocks you out.

What about the cars that don’t need drivers! The world is becoming a strange place with wars everywhere, people still building atomic bombs and worst off, threatening to use them. Things are getting a little hard to fathom and the world is getting smaller. One thing for sure is people still need stuff and the stock market is full of big companies that sell stuff so people are not going to stop buying stuff as long as there is work for them and a little money to buy that stuff.

Interest rates are still low and are not going to go much higher or the whole continent will be hit by a real estate crash and the big boys with the big bucks will not let that happen. So rest assured, the stock market is not ready to roll over quite yet. Maybe Granpa is rolling over in his grave though when he finds out about all the weird stuff going on in the world.

So what should you do? Find some good dividend stocks and buy them. At least you will have a few bucks in interest to buy some mac and cheese.


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Brent Walker

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