Crickets are the new Super Food

Crickets are the new Super Food
Crickets are the new Super Food

It looks like there is a new super food sweeping the nation and it could make Walt Disney roll over in his grave. So what is this new super food. It’s Crickets! Fried Crickets. Chocolate Crickets. Even Cricket Popsicle’s. Nothing like waking up in the morning on a hot summer day and grabbing yourself a nice cold Cricket Popsicle. There are health stores all over the country stocking their shelves with insect power bars and Crickets are their top sellers.

Believe it or not they are becoming a top pick on Amazon and you can get some tasty Insect Jerky to take on your next camping or hiking trip. Lightweight and packed full of energy and healthy nutrients and proteins. No need to pack a heavy ice box full of food. Just pack a bag full of bacon and cheese Cricket snacks and you will have an energy packed survival food that weighs nothing to carry and will fill you with energy.

It seems like Jiminy Cricket is a little upset with all his relatives being turned into a tasty snack and is planning to contact his close relatives the Locust species and organize a full blown attack of the Corn and Wheat fields of North America. After all no one likes to be turned into Jerkey.


Food fads and diets come and go and every one has their likes and dislikes. From fried warms to Chinese bugs on a stick. I remember back in grade school munching on the Chocolate coated beetles and fried worms in my Science class and will never forget the looks of disgust on the kids faces as they bit into the snacks.

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