The Day I met Buddah

In this crazy world of today full of war, grief and desperation I had the chance

to flick on my new Netflix program and got the chance to meet Buddah.

It was quite an inspiring series and very informative on the life and the

times of one of the most famous spiritual leaders up there with Jesus

and Muhammed.

He was born into one of the richest families in India at the time and his father wanted him to be a great warrior king when his own reign ended. He taught him the great things a warrior king must learn such as fighting and education and gave to him all the earthly desires and wealth that one could only dream of.

Buddah grew up in the lap of luxery with a silver spoon in his hand.

Buddah had every thing but as he grew into manhood and decided to go out into the world on his own and explore his future kingdom what he saw threw him into a state of confusion he never felt before. All around him were grief and poverty and every where he traveled through the kingdom there was pain and suffering everywhere.

How could this be. His life to this point had every luxery, every whim and desire was his, and he just could not understand why or how there was so much grief in the world.

Buddah decided to throw away all that he had. All his riches and his future kingdom he gave up and basically disowned his world to wander out on his own with no material possessions to find the ulimate answers to the meaning of life. This in Buddism is known as enligtenment and is achieved through hours and hours of daily meditaion which is also know as Yoga.

This meditaion is supposed to connect one with his higher self an the ultimate conciousness and power of the divine. It is supposed to lift you from the material world into the world of Nirvana.

Buddah sat himself down under a tree one day and started to meditate. He sat and he sat, day after day, meditating while eating and drinking only what was offered by the surrounding villagers who would wander by from time to time and wonder what this strange fellow was doing. One day while meditating under the tree a strange thing happened, Buddah found enlightenment, the ultimate state of being and a radiant aura started to flow from him.

Buddah like Jesus taught things such as love, peace, forgiveness, patience and understanding and soon was surrounded by followers who listened to his every word and themselves became enlighted. These enlighted souls became his disciples much light Jesus had his disciples and they started to preach Buddas message of peace, love and enlightenment around the world.

I grew up in the sixties and always thought the messages of the Beatles and other bands about peace and love saved me from a life of sin, pain and suffering. A lot of people said these musical bands of the sixties or hippies as we used to call them were devil music because of the drug culture that they nutured. I didn’t look at their music as such, I always thought they sang about peace and love and just like Buddah were spreading there message through music around the world.

The world needs more peace and more love and it certainly needs another Buddah to come along and start spreading more good news to the people around the world that are suffering from the grief and poverty that Buddah witnessed so many years ago. Does the world ever change? It doesn’t seem to does it. It seems to be always full of war, grief an poverty.

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