How to Deal with Pain in your old age

How to Deal with Pain in your old age

Hey it’s Brent here from Zoomers News. I know it sucks getting older. You wake up in the morning and your body is aching and reeling with aches and pains. So how to deal with pain in your old age is the question. So what is the answer.

The answer is you have to remember you are a spiritual being. You are made of spirit. Your body is mostly water and the rest was made from the earth with various minerals. So if you are a bunch of water and a bunch of dirt thrown together how come you are feeling pain as your getting older. Good question.

The best way is to realize your body is a vessel for the power that lies within. It is a vessel to view and feel the life that your creator gave to you to view. You must realize that this power is inside of you. You are your own spiritual Vessel living in the universe. You must realize you are part of a bigger picture and that your body is nothing but a transport ship taking you on a journey.

Does this sound heavy? It should because it is a reality. You ship was created by the power that lies within and it is time for you to climb into the Captains chair.

The first thing you should do to start to learn how to deal with the pain in your old age is start to learn how to meditate. I know this sounds like an old cliche but when you can take yourself into a higher state you can escape your pain and help your body heal your source of this pain. I know if you have ever felt the agony of a wisdom tooth gone bad that this can be challenging.

In cases like that or in cases of extreme trauma or sickness that is terminal and you need immediate and instant relief it is best to pop an extreme pain reliever. In every day aches and pains deep and relaxing meditation can really help you improve your over all well being. Mediation like yoga and tai chi are just a couple of examples of programs you can try to alleviate pain as you age.

Exercise is a medicine combined with meditation that can really help your Arthritis pain for example. I highly recommend you start off every day or at night when you go to bed a deep meditation tape you can listen to to put your physical body into a higher state of self healing. Re program your ying and your yang and put yourself back into harmony with the universe.

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