Zafar the Horny Dolphin terrorizes tourists on French beach

A seaside village in Brittany France  has banned swimming on its beach because a dolphin in heat has been scaring tourists and locals by approaching them and trying to rub up against them. The dolphin has even tried to prevent several swimmers from getting back to the beach at Landévennec, using its nose to push one woman out of the water and up into the air.


The three-metre long dolphin, which locals have nicknamed Zafar, has been hanging around the Bay of Brest for months, amusing tourists with its antics as it visited the beaches and shorelines of Plougastel-Daoulas, Logonna-Daoulas and Landevennec. Children in sailing schools were delighted when the dolphin would suddenly turn up and frolic around their boats, and Zafar sometimes let swimmers grip onto his dorsal fin and go for a ride with him



Sex Life of a Dolphin


Dolphins do not have a particular time of year when they reproduce and may mate at any time. They appear to have frequent recreational sex and sometimes display sexual behavior towards other species, including humans. Experts point out that they are very large wild animals and could cause serious injury – even inadvertently with a flipper  if they feel threatened.

Dolphins can often be seen when kayaking off the West coast of Canada and the U.S.A. Reports of attacks on humans are seldom heard of. A Dolphin approaching a human being for sexual purposes is indeed rare which makes this incident unique. Although Dolphins are usually a fun loving and peaceful mammal when one goes into heat their behavior could change.

Attacks on Humans



But attacks or injury to humans by dolphins are so rare that a Breton lawyer says he plans to take legal action to have what he calls the  swimming ban in Landévennec overturned. The mayor wants to make dolphins look like almost ferocious beasts, completely unpredictable and likely to drown people, said Erwan Le Cornec in a statement. Statistics from around the world say Dolphins are no threat to humans.




But then a few weeks ago he changed.

Dolphin terrorises tourists
Dolphin terrorises tourists

Swimming and diving are now banned on the village shoreline. Whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed, a new bylaw has been implemented. Swimmers are not allowed in the water if a Dolphin has been sighted.After Zafar’s recent bad behaviour the new bylaw was put in place to protect the beach goers.


Zafar has been approaching women swimmers with sexual advances and even lifted one young gal right out of the water with his nose.



When people think of dolphins, they tend to think of the bottle nose  dolphin, and they tend to associate them with Flipper, shows at their local aquarium or marine park, and glittery notebook covers and other school supplies. They’re harmless, right? After all, an animal that’s literally always smiling can’t possibly be vicious or violent, right?

The reality is that the bottle-nosed dolphin is a surprisingly large animal. Your average dolphin is something like twice as long as you are, and potentially several times as heavy. You’re also probably meeting it in the water, where it has a distinct advantage. And, at the end of the day, this is a wild animal we’re talking about. A wild animal with a propensity towards violence, rape, and killing indiscriminately — including babies of their own species.


Dolphin Attacks


While attacks are uncommon  they do exist. Some of them can get downright nasty.

  •  Dusty, a female dolphin off the coast of Ireland that people had taken to trying to swim with, and who didn’t appreciate the attention. In 2013, she sent four people to the hospital in three months’ time.
  • Another story from Ireland, this one of a male dolphin named Clet, lashing out at swimmers and even attempting to drown at least one. In fact, he’s gotten a reputation.He’s known for his aggressiveness towards swimmers.
  • There is another  story about an unnamed male dolphin attacking swimmers and boaters off the coast of Louisiana, United States.
  • An  article from a Hawaiian tourism website about why swimming with dolphins is not a good idea. including the fact that “dozens of bites have been reported, and people have been pulled under the water”.
  • Stories  from Rio about a dolphin named Tião who lashed out at two swimmers that were harassing him and ended up killing one of them. Tiao  also has sent at least 28 swimmers to the hospital.

All these focus on a single species, the Bottlenose. Other species attacking humans, as well, including Whales. Tilikum the orca is famous and  has killed three people so far.

So, yes, dolphins do attack humans. Those attacks are very rare, but, still, they do happen. The best ways to avoid being attacked by a dolphin in the wild? These tips apply to both swimmers and boaters.

  1. Respect the animal. This is a wild animal
  2. Do not approach the animal. Let it come to you, if it wishes. If it does not wish, let it alone.
  3. Do not harass the animal. Do not try and restrain the animal, and do not touch its sensitive blowhole or melon (forehead). Actually, it’s probably best not to touch it at all.
  4. If it appears to be becoming agitated, leave. The water is its home, not yours.
  5. Do not feed dolphins. In fact, feeding dolphins can get you in major legal trouble in some places. In others, it’s still not a good idea.


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