Trumps on again off again Global Trade War

It seems like our new US president is creating his very own reality comedy show. With the Trumps on again off again Global Trade War policy it is turning into a great comedy show. Throw into the act a porn star with some secrets to reveal and a Russian conspiracy it could just be hit of the year.


We all like a good comedy  but this reality show is becoming the farthest thing from a laugh. The whole presidential debacle is becoming quite the laughing matter. Thing is the whole world trade system is becoming unstable. After all if you don’t know what is around the next curve you proceed with much caution don’t you. This is exactly what the US policy is doing to World Trade. Proceed with Caution!

Trumps on again off again Global Trade War


Like that old song Every one  wants  to rule the World, these guys like Trump, Putin and the ChowMein  muncher over in North Korea are all trying to be the start. They are all about one theme it seems, please the people. All of them have followers. These three Amigos also have huge egos and volatile reaction. Much like the rantings and ravings of past infamous leaders. President Trump has rarely been accused of running a surplus in predictability.


Trumps tactics seem to be paying off. Much like the bully at school who threatens harm if you don’t hand over your lunch. Seems like these tactics are now being played out on a global scale. Buy more of my stuff or your stuff will be taken away. Hmmm, haven’t we made such tactics illegal.


Trade War


One day you are told that your stuff will be seized, downgraded, blockaded and out right banned. The next day your stuff will be ok for trade again. Doesn’t this sound like the actions of a Flip Flopper or maybe just an outright wanker. Someone who tries to keep the entire world in check by threats and political innuendo spreads uncertainty and confusion.

Trade War
Trade War

The simple fact is the US is the worlds biggest consumer of goods. When you have a factory sending your goods to them you are competing with factories from around the globe. If your factory gets hit with heavy tariffs the people in your factory can lose their job. This is not good news for emerging economies with large factories in the third world. These countries could easily be thrown back into hard times if the US puts the brakes on the gravy train.


Trumps on again off again Global Trade War


Trump is a business man. Trudeau is a kid in a pool of sharks. He can’t deal with these sharks. All the weapons got lost to fend them off. Canada doesn’t have any bargaining chips. Yanks got oil now and heavy tech. They are now building up their manufacturing base with tariff threats. The US president might belong in a loonie bin but he knows how to make money.


When you are running a country like a massive global business then you must be tough. China your fired might be next on Trumps tweaking in the new global business boardroom. After all, the US can now fire anyone they want can’t they. They are opening factories and tech shops all over the country. Their  oil is flowing and it is cheap. Commodities might be Canadas only bargaining chip in the coming war.



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