Healing and Spiritual uplifting for the Retirement Years

As we get older are minds start to wander and are body starts to ache. How do we combat this. What do we do. There are many ways besides pain killers and alcohol. Healing and Spiritual uplifting for the Retirement years. Spend a few minutes each day uplifting your spirit.

This can be done as simply going to you tube and selecting a chant. There are many available from the Hindi to Buddha. Healing can be achieved through meditation. Many great spiritual leaders through history have proven this. We are all just conscious spirits after all going through this world. Did you know that you can attract good things into your physical life through thought. You can change your physical presence in the material world by following a few simple steps.

Art of Meditation

So what exactly is meditation? Some people think it is a difficult process but in reality it is quite simple. All you really need to do is send the negative waves out and bring the positive waves in. That simple. What this will do for you is regenerate your inner body. Self as it is called is what we are. After all without the senses life around us would not be there for us.

Examples of this might be a sunset. Imagine trying to enjoy one without the gift of sight. Impossible unless some one else is there to describe it for you. For them to describe it you must have ears. Do you understand that your self is creating all these experiences for you. You must realize that your self is just water and clay. One day you will return.

Power of your Consciousness

The body being water, elements and clay is quite organized. Being mostly water and minerals how can this be. What put this all together to create so many senses. Consciousness did. Call it the universal intelligence if you will. It has created your body to enjoy the life. Maybe to feel the sun on your skin. The moon in your eye.

Clay, water and minerals is what you are. Alone these things cannot do this. There is a connection like a mighty circuit board. All wires and connections interlinked and travelling to a source. The eternal conscious or soul as some call it. Traveling, expanding, growing, feeling and ever so powerful. This is what made you and you can tune in and interact. This is how.


Let’s talk a little about the interaction or how to become attuned. All great leaders of the spirituality talk of this. Achieve the bliss or leave the earthly things and tune into the universe. They all talk of this. Now that we know this we can control it.

Now that we know it is simple to do. Get a cheap set of earphones. Write down your want. Maybe you have need of money. Is your health failing. Love has left you and your broken hearted. Now this is what we do, quite simple really. But you must do it daily. Visit the You Tube.

Once you are there look at the need you have written down. Simply type your need into the search box. Say you need healing. Type into the box Healing Chant. Various healing chants will appear. Turn it on sit back and relax. Let your mind flow free. Forget all in the world and attune with the universe. Do this daily and do not give up. Have faith in your creator and he will heal you.

You are Perfection

There are many born into the world which in some eyes might not be perfect. Some might think they are not worthy of the others. Of course this is not true. Because you are self. No matter what shape or form you might be. All that is in the world is of the world. You are perfection no matter what form and the opinion of the world does not matter.

Being a perfect being and attuning will attain your water, your clay, your minerals into alignment. After all we are here for but a moment then the moment is lost. Your consciousness is always there, guiding you and building your life for eternity. Have no doubt you are an eternal being and the home of the earth is but a moment in time that is soon to ebb. h

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