Hope on the Horizon for Canadian Housing

Hope on the Horizon for Canadian Housing
Hope on the Horizon for Canadian Housing

It looks like there might be some hope on the horizon for the Canadian housing market. What I mean by hope on the horizon is they might finally be building enough housing for people to be able to afford to live in it without being a zillionaire.

I mean really, have you checked out the price to rent a bedroom in somebody’s condo lately. It is getting a little ridiculous for the young and the old to afford a place to live in anymore. We all deserve the right or should deserve the right to have a place to live, regardless of our life challenges.

How many people have you bumped into walking down the street that are a little below the average get a job catorgory. What I mean by that is that they are on a walker or just to old to work period. The lucky ones have good pensions so they don’t really need to get a job but there are a lot of people out there that don’t and it is getting worse with the soaring price of housing.

Did you know that half of the single seniors in BC right now are below the yearly income poverty line. That is not acceptable in a country as rich as Canada. There are thousands if not millions of people in Canada without enough money to eat. What is going on here. We have jobs, jobs and more jobs happening everyday in BC the countries best economy but let’s face it when a one bedroom rat hole is over 1000 a month 12 bucks an hour just don’t cut it.

What’s the answer to this dilemma. It’s time to get rid of the old system. The days of the Capitalist are done. When a small percentage of the population owns all the money already it is pretty hard for them to make much more off the majority of the population who is using all their money just to live. Let’s face it the only people making the big bucks now are the people loaning the money to the people that don’t have any and collecting the interest.

When a country is full of people who are using every cent they earn just to pay for their housing and food with not much left over for much else it is time to take a second look at the system and redeploy some of the capitol. The first need is the welfare of the people. I don’t want to say communism or socialism because those systems don’t seem to work to well, although Cubans seem to be quite happy. They have a System in place that let’s everybody chip in one way or another and merely spreads the money around in a more even way.

One thing they all have in a system like that is food and shelter. Everybody has a home and food to eat and medical care so they can lead a happier life. I think it is time to take a look at a whole new way of government policies and implentations of those policies to start making sure the welfare of every citizen is realized and the dispair and poverty and pure hopelessness of many is ended.

When you have a country as rich and diverse as Canada it would be in the countries interest to make sure every citizen has housing and a quaranteed income and I am not talking about an extra gst check every month. I mean that every citizen no matter if they are homeless or are a neurological surgeon there income should be allotted by the government. This would mean that to get this income you would have to be assigned a duty. Each duty would be assigned by the government by way of classification and physical abilities decided by your first few year in school.

You would be predestined for your future. If you went to school when you were young and excelled at art you would become an artist. If you liked carpentry in school you would become a carpenter. If you weren’t good at anything and had a mental or physical disability that would be catagorized to it’s severity and your position or income would be assigned as determined.

Everyone would be guaranteed an income. Everybody that got this income would be spending it and putting it back into the economy and creating economic activity. Every time you spend a dollar it creates work. If you don’t have any money to spend it stalls work. It is really that simple. Other countries have guaranteed incomes and no one goes without. This eliminates poverty!

Get with it Canada, it is good to see their is more housing being built but with the influx of immigrants being imported by the thousands these new housing units will get eaten up quickly and there will be no relief on pricing or anything else in Canada. Vancouver alone is projected to increase it’s population by 1.2 million over the next 20 years.  The housing being planned for these new residents is not going to get any cheaper. In my view the situation will just keep getting worse and put more and more people out on the streets living in tents unless we introduce a quaranteed wage for people to be able to buy or rent these new units.

Get with it Canada.

Edited by Brent Walker

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