How to become a Money Magnet

How to become a Money Magnet

Did you ever wonder why some people are a money magnet and some people are constantly broke! There is a reason for this and it is the laws of attraction. In almost every circumstance in life you attract or create your own destiny either by taking action or attraction by thought.

Taking action is as simple as getting off that couch and turning off that t.v. and going for a walk. You are taking action by changing your surroundings and therfore changing the reality around you.

Attraction by thought or meditation works in exactly the same way. The physical world you live in can be changed by taking action using your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. If you are always thinking how broke you are you will manifest that reality into your life. If your thoughts are about how prosperous you are becoming and how much you are blessed you will become  money magnet.

You have heard that giving and receiving are the law of abundance and the more you give the more you receive. This is a basic law of being a money magnet. The only difference is you use your mind to give the universe a powerful affirmation of abundance which in turn will attract abundance back to you.

 Wealth and Abundance with this groundbreaking law of attraction meditation!
 the path to true prosperity.

Allow the guided meditation to take you on a journey to the miraculous Prosperity Hill, where you will be introduced to the magical lake that will bring you messages from the Universe. It will program your mind to achieve wealth and abundance, by changing your beliefs about the love the Universe has for you, about your deservingness, about the unlimited nature of the Universe, and much more. Along the way, you will encounter peaceful messages that will upgrade your mind’s prosperity and ability to attract money.

All you have to do it listen to the guided meditation daily, and let the changes occur. Within a couple of weeks, your brain will begin to rewire its prosperity, and you will start noticing massive changes taking place.

While you listen to the messages the Universe has for you, your listening experiance will be enhanced by subliminal messages and binaural beats, all designed to make the positive change faster, much more powerful, and longer lasting. 


So how does it work, exactly?
As you listen to the guided meditation, you will be asked to relax, and led through a process to do so. Just relaxing in this systematic way can be helpful, as relaxing lowers cortisol, a hormone that our bodies release when under stress.After the relaxation process, you are guided to the top of “Prosperity Hill” where you experience receiving messages from the Universe, in the form of mentors and friends, and from the magical lake on top of the hill.

These messages relate to the core law of attraction principles that involve money; deservingness, enough abundance to go around, letting go, taking action, and so on. You are also reminded of the love the Universe has for you.

Because you are in such a relaxed state, your mind is more receptive to the messages, and they can really sink in.


What does all this actually do for you?
Simply put, we all operate in this world by what we see, but more specifically, what we see with our own unique pair of glasses. Some of us are wearing glasses that show us that there is lack and limitation in the Universe, or that we are not loved, or that wealth and abundance isn’t possible for us. And that’s how we live our lives.What this guided meditation can do for you is help you change your pair of glasses. You will start seeing the world in a different light, the way you are meant to see yourself in this world.

Needless to say, this will help you tremendously attract wealth and abundance, and see financial opportunities where others don’t. This will help you act on those moments of inspiration, and help you become truly prosperous.

How can it be so simple, you ask? It’s only simple because the truth is that we were programmed for wealth from the day we were born. But then we learned how not to attract wealth, how not to be abundant, and how not to feel loved. All we need to do then, is rid ourselves of the incorrect feelings and beliefs and, rather than replace them with different beliefs, allow ourselves to return to the abundance we were created with from day one.

It is only simple because it is meant to be simple.

Then of course there is the time it takes to change. Unfortunately, many people are looking for a quick fix. While there can be momentary uplifting of the spirit as we can experience when reading an inspirational book, in order to create true change, we must invest more time. That’s why we recommend listening to the guided meditation once a day for a full thirty days, and then once a month for the following 11 months. That’s how you create change. Simple? Yes. But does it also take time, dedication, and persistence, you bet.

Lastly, let’s just revisit what you will experience during the guided meditation. Besides the messages you will receive from the Universe, we incorporated all kinds of techniques to speed of the process. For example, you encounter different items such as a bird, clouds, a lake, and so on, where we use various colors and shapes that are correlated to wealth and abundance. We use other techniques such as repetition to install the ideas much faster. We also use binaural beats and subliminal messages designed to create change at an accelerated rate.

​       This is the real deal. Increase your prosperity today with the Wealth and Abundance Guided Meditation!  ​


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