How To Manifest ANYTHING Instantly

The Secret How To

Manifest ANYTHING Instantly

How would you like to manifest anything you want into your life. Tune in to the power of the universe and harness it’s energy through the simple power of meditation. Activate the law of attraction and just like a powerful magnet you will attract anything you want into your life.

The laws and the realms of the universe are beyond the understandings of us mortals so before we enter into this exercise we must say a prayer of protection to keep unwanted forces from entering our meditations. When you clear your mind and start to manifest you want to make sure you manifest only positive forces.

I like to say a prayer before I start but you can use any clearing you wish. I like to say ” May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified forever and ever amen.” I like to repeat this prayer 4 times. This short prayer is powerful and even by itself without meditation can manifest anything you want into your life.

Did you ever wonder why man is so different from all the other creatures in nature? It is because of the human mind. It is powerful and humans only use a small percentage of it daily. The mind was created to connect with the power of the universe but was lost somewhere along the journey.

Take a look around and be amazed by all the wonderful and sophisticated things you see around you. These were all created by the human mind bringing them into reality. You can manifest anything you want into your life through the power of your mind.

There is no need to be unhappy or unhealthy or poor. Financial abundance can be yours through the power of attraction and you can have it instantly through prayer, meditation and faith. Faith in the knowledge that your meditations will bring you results. Fill your mind with a daily positive energy flow and you will see results.

Much like a machine a simple program can control the results. The human condition is nothing more than a highly designed machine that is made from the elements of the universe to bring joy and conscious connections into your reality. Watching a simple sunrise on a summer morning is beyond words and you were created for such splendors.

How would you like to tap into that power like you were created to do. Jesus could tap into that power through daily prayer and you can do it to. You can manifest anything your heart desires because it is your birthright and a gift from your creator. All you have to do is follow these simple rules and laws and implement them daily.

Just sit back in your room and turn off your outside distractions and concentrate on the thing you most desire. Say your favorite prayer for protection, empty your mind and let the positive, subconscious energy’s program your mind to bring what ever you desire into your reality.


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