All in One Profits Income System by Zoomers News

As a retired Baby Boomer you are probably always looking for a way to make a few extra bucks. Retirement can be a boring and lack of accomplishment time if not addressed. Becoming a member of All in One Profits Income system can help solve this problem. It is easy and simple to do and I highly recommend it as a hobby also.


When you retire you need something to do. AIOP is an affordable way to step into online marketing. You will learn how to build an email list, make splash pages, advertise, promote and build an online income. All these tools and lessons can be yours for ten dollars a month. When you recruit just one paying member into your team your complete All in One Profits membership in now paid for. After that every cent you make is income.


All in One Profits Income System by Zoomers News


This program has been around for a long, long time and you can trust them. Based out of Europe they have been online and successful for years. Many people from around the world are making a great extra income as an All in One Profits member. And now you can too. Sign up to the Zoomers News AIOP team and I will show you how to promote your new business. It’s easy.


You have found a great retirement income program that is honest and reliable so all you have to do now is promote it. The first thing you need to do is build yourself an awesome splash page. You want people on your email list. Splash pages do this for you. Don’t worry about following up with emails, AIOP will do that automatically for you. All the selling and promoting is done for you.


Free Splash Pages Income


There is a program called the Pure Passive Income system where you can join free and get some awesome Splash Pages. These Splash Pages work great with All in One Profits. How it works is you sign up free to the Pure Passive Income System. Inside you will find easy directions on how to link up a campaign with All in One Profits. These amazing capture pages will then build your AIOP downline for you.

All in One Profits Income System
All in One Profits Income System by Zoomers News

When you join the Pure Passive Income System you will also find other income programs inside it. Promote these awesome splash pages on your favorite Traffic Exchanges and build you income with the income programs inside. Making money online has never been so easy. Just share these amazing Splash Pages and build your team on auto-pilot.


Income with Traffic Exchange Advertising

Once you get your Splash Pages you need a place to advertise on the Traffic Exchanges. A Co-op advertising site is an easy way to go but it will cost you. I found a great Co-op advertising site that you can advertise free. It will take a little work and some patient but you can get your AIOP Splash Pages on hundreds of Traffic Exchanges.


Just advertise them over and over again. They say it might take someone 5 times seeing your Splash Page before they sign up. All in all it pays to be persistent. Get your Splash Page in front of many people as you can as often as you can for as long as you can. Your AIOP team will start to grow. Don’t use the All in One Profits Splash Pages to build your team. Use the Pure Passive Income System Splash Pages and you will get results a lot faster.


The perfect Retirement Job


You can look at All in One Profits as a new job. From the comfort of your computer you can grab a cup of coffee and log into your back office. A great way to start your day! Easy, affordable, lucrative and fun. All in One could be the perfect retirement job. Look upon it as a job. Give yourself a certain amount of allotted time and treat it as a home business job.


You will succeed if you take it as a serious business and devote your time to promote it. There is no need to spend money on advertising. Use free advertising sources. Advertise Free on the is an excellent site to go to for free traffic. High quality traffic at that. Visit daily so you can devote some spare time to promote. Use the text ads and free classifieds to spread the word about your AIOP team. Results will come so don’t give up.


As we get older and think about retiring there are many things to consider. It is not hard to conclude that not enough income can ruin the golden years. So it is imperative for a long happy retirement to find your self a solution. Money or boredom can be a path to an early grave because of stress.  All in One Profits can help you solve your retirement problems.

An easy to use system that will not cost you anything. What is ten dollars a month for your own home business. And this business works. Hundreds, if not thousands of members around the world are making money every single month with AIOP. Well known and honest,  so hop on the bus Gus and get going. There is nothing more rewarding that logging into your All in One Profits account and finding a cash sale.


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