Is Facebook dying or is Facebook a BabyBoomers Dream

Is Facebook dead

is Facebook dying

We have to ask ourselves if Facebook dying trend. Much like other Internet trends we have to ask the questions. Is Facebook dying or is Facebook a Baby Boomers Dream. Baby Boomers from around the planet are retiring at a record pace.

Retirement Boom

10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day. According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day, and this is expected to continue into the 2030s. This means that nearly seven baby boomers are turning 65 every minute.

Facebook is becoming a way for all the Baby boomers to connect with each other. Catch up on old friends and acquaintances from school and work. Friends on Facebook will grow as the boomers reconnect. Did you know that the most google search on the internet was Facebook. What does this tell us.

Business on Facebook

What this means is Facebook is far from dying. If anything it is becoming more popular daily. Boomers are bored! Let’s face it the retired boomer is a bored soul. Also they have a lot of moola. Still a major influence in trends and living a lot longer than past generations. Boomers are going to be the reason that Facebook will be the no1 for years to come.

So doing business on Facebook could be a way to reach millions of Zoomers. Creating Pages and the like is free for one thing. Facebook is also free. Anyone can sign up and start telling the world how to live. Of course your privacy might be compromised but I don’t thing most Baby Boomers really give a hoot.

Facebook or Twitter

Facebook Vs Twitter: Advertising Opportunities. … The popularity of Facebook means the space is more saturated. Companies need to try harder and spend more to get the attention of their audience. On the other hand, Twitter might not be as focused as Facebook when it comes to targeting, but it’s a lot less competitive.

I got this little info off the internet and what does it tell us. Facebook is saturated now. So what is going to happen when million of Baby Boomers sign up and start chatting with their pals. Facebook is going to get even more saturated. When the beavers start plugging up the river it creates a pool of opportunity for new life.

Starting a Retirement Business

Starting a retirement business of Facebook is easy and free. Say you joined a new internet affiliate program and want to make a little extra income. Facebook just could be your answer. You can advertise free on Facebook. Did you know you don’t have to pay to advertise on Facebook.

There are thousands of Groups you can join for free with hundreds of thousands of members. Say you have a new product or maybe a business your starting. Post your opportunity free on Facebook groups. Someone likes your product and they will share it creating more free advertising. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain with a little effort. See how it works here.

Facebook is growing

I am certainly not a financial advisor by any means. At this point in time I don’t even own any stocks. Those stock markets look a little scary these days what with all the global weirdness going on. Better to start a little business of your own that is free and then just advertise it free on Facebook.

Here is a great little business for a Baby Boomer that pays great. I know because I joined it last year and have made a ton of cash with it. And I mean a ton. Only one person of the hundreds that joined have asked for their money back. Also I have not even advertised it on Facebook yet but I think I might start. Check out the Free Income Machine.


So this article is only my opinion about Facebook and it’s massive advertising potential. After all when you retire you get bored. When winter comes and you want to head south you go out of boredom. What if you don’t have the dough to go south, north or sideways. Start a little business online to stay occupied and lift your spirits.

There is nothing better than to open up your PayPal account and seeing a 37 US dollar deposit in there. It is truly a joyful experience. Maybe you already got a little business of your own going on. I suggest you think about Facebook the most googled search in history.

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