Is there a cure for Arthritis

Is there a cure for Arthritis

This question is being asked more and more every day as the Baby Boomers Age and the arthritis is starting to kick in. A lot of Baby Boomers are asking the question, Is there a cure for Arthritis? I am asking this question myself because I now have arthritis in my right big toe and it is not any fun and hurts like hell.

They did some studies and you can forget the copper bracelets and the approach that magnets relieve the symptons and pain of your arthritis, it just ain’t so. It looks like home remedies and natural pain killers probably don’t do you a lot of good also. There is the chemical pain killers you can get from the drugstore or your Doctor but I don’t think their too good for your liver.
So what can you do? Not much aside from joint operations and strong drugs. The only other approach that might help is to try and introduce anti-inflammatory foods into your diet to break the the calcium build ups and maybe trying some foot and toe support relief to alleviate some of the pain.

For me, the pain in my Foot gets worst when I go for long walks and at night sometimes when I am trying to sleep and the pain kicks in and starts throbbing. I don’t like the idea of eating a lot of pain killers unless they are of a natural origin. At least this approach might save your other organs and keep things from getting worse as we age.


Living With ArthritusI think the only answer is to try to understand what is going on with arthritis and what is causing it and how to prevent and control it.
I came across a cool little device to alleviate night time pain of arthritis in your toe at night when your sleep. This might be a good way to keep your toes straight and from cramping when you are trying to get some sleep at night. I have noticed that after a long walk your toes can become sore and cramped and these little support braces go a long way in helping circulation in your feet.

I am sure that in the future a cure for Arthritis will be found and a couple of pills will cure it and the pain will go away. Until then we will be relying on Pain Killers and operations which in my opinion are the worst thing to do to your body.

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that can be crippling to the body.
If you suspect you have arthritis then there are many things you should know about the disease and how you can have control.

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Arthritis can take over your life.
You might be in a ton of pain everyday and it may be unbearable.
Is your daily life no longer productive because you suffer from a lot of pain?

Are you unable to maintain the normal life anymore? Are your joints so tender to the touch that you can barely move?
Are you fatigued? You might be suffering from arthritis.

Arthritis can come in many different forms and you should find out which type you have so you can begin living a better life.

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