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Secrets to Jewish Super Wealth

Did you ever wonder how the Jewish people ever got so rich. Heck I think research has been done and they own half the stock market. They own most of the movie industry. They own the garment industries of the world, they own more stuff than any other culture. Did you ever wonder why?

Back in the early day’s of the bible all the Jewish people were pagans and didn’t own a pot to pee in or a home to put it in. These peoples at that time lived hand to hand daily with little or no possessions. One day God came along and bestowed upon Abraham the secret of infinite wealth. How to prosper and gain financial abundance through a direct line of credit to the unlimited wealth that the universe dishes out daily.

Everything that is physical in this universe and any other universe for that matter has been created by the one as the aliens call him. We call him God, Allah, Jesus and many other names through the hundreds of different religions that abound in this day and age. HaShem is the Hebrew name for God and he is the one that lifted Abraham and all he Jewish people out of poverty forever by bestowing upon them the secret of infinite wealth.

From Jerry Seinfeld to Woody Allen the wealth that the Jewish people have is far beyond just a coincidence and below are just a few of some of the richest people on the planet and guess what, they are Jewish.

1. Larry Ellison
Age: 66. Net worth: $28 billion. He is the owner of Oracle one of the most successful Computer companies ever and started out with nothing.

2. Michael Bloomberg
Age 68. Net worth: $18 billion.
This guy is the Major of New York City 3 times running.

3. Sergey Brin
Age 37. Net worth: $17.5 billion.
This guy was born in Russia and guess what, he is the co-founder of Google.

These are just a few of the hundreds if not thousands of Jewish million and billionaires that control much of the worlds wealth. The list is just to obvious to ignore. How did these people that came from a society that has been decimated, enslaved, ridiculed, tormented and even targeted for complete extermination become so wealthy!

The secret goes back to Abraham again when the Jewish God HaShem visited Abraham and told him he would be the father of a great family that would be lifted from poverty and control the wealth of the world. Sounds corny doesn’t it but facts do not lie. They do control the majority of all the wealth on this planet. As a matter of fact it is now becoming a problem because their is not enough wealth left over for the other 90% of people that do not have any wealth.

The secrets of wealth and prosperity are not because of hard work or a good education. They are a secret that is programmed into your mind through meditation and daily prayer. It is called physical manifestation and it is not just some fairy tale story that I am making up. The Jewish people have a connection with a higher power that has blessed them with infinite abundance and if you would like to tap into this secret code you must re-program your subconscious mind.

Below I have discovered a daily meditation ritual that is the Jewish secret of infinite wealth, prosperity, health and abundant energy that you can reprogram your physical and spiritual being with. Lift yourself from depression and despair by daily meditation and bring more happiness and joy into your life.

Just click on the video, lean back and meditate to the secrets of infinite wealth.

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