A good Job for Seniors

A good Job for Seniors

So your retired now and your bored silly. Or maybe your just broke and you need to go back to work. So a good job for Seniors could be a part time school bus driver or it could be a greeter at your local Walmart or a number of other part time jobs such as applying down at your local Home Depot when they are having a job fair.

This is all fine and dandy but let’s face it the money sucks! So what’s a good job for seniors that pays a half ass wage. How about a Building Service Worker at your local school or hospital. This job pays between 20 and 30 an hour folks. Lets face it, unlocking some doors and wiping off some desks and cleaning a few toilets ain’t that difficult.

You will need a BSW ticket for this job if you want to make the big bucks and if you check around in your local town you will find one that trains you for schools. This is the course you want. Your local schools are always looking for on call casual workers because of the high turnovers. You start off as a casual usually doing 4 hour shifts. A lot of people can’t live on this but it is perfect for a senior.

Hey, you get a call, go unlock some doors, clean a few classrooms, have a break, do a little dusting and your 4 hours are done before you know it and you just made 100 bucks. You are your own boss and work alone with minimal supervision. A casual fills in when a regular full shift
member calls in sick or takes their annual vacation.

You will be getting a lot of 4 hour shifts and any time you want to take it to the next level and make more money you can apply for more hours as your experience grows. A casual school board BSW worker is not in the Union so your wages are higher because they pay you the extra benefit wages.
After a few years if you would like to join the union and become full time you will be able to apply.

So what is a good job for Seniors? One of the best jobs around is the lowly Janitor! If you don’t have money to take a BSW course a lot of local YMCA’s offer a free course. This course is not a school board training course but it will give you a BSW ticket to enable you to apply to the hundreds of jobs out there in this field.

Happy Job Hunting
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