Justin Trudeau Challenges Matthew Perry to a Boxing Match

Justin Trudeau Challenges Matthew Perry to a Boxing Match

Justin Trudeau Challenges

Matthew Perry to a Boxing Match

It seems that Mattew Perry was the school bully when he was a kid and he attacked a younger and smaller Justin Trudeau who was three years younger than perry at the time and was only in Grade 3. Perry even had to get his friend to team up with him to beat up the much younger Justin Trudeau because he was not brave enough to attack the little tyke on his own.

Since those days Perry went on to become the much famed friends star who suffered with drugs, homosexuality and was in and out of court for selling crack and methadrine to his fellow college students and was expelled before he went on to become a star on the much loved Friends episodes of the  90s.

Perry was not the most likeable  character on the show and careened back into drugs and alcohol when his popularity started to wane on the show and his parts were not getting the exposure that he wanted. This led to an inner conflict with his fellow co-stars and eventually led to the shows demise. The constant bickering in his drunken stupors were too much for the cast and sponsors to deal with and at the height of the shows popularity it was cancelled.

Perry now is a basic has been compared to the stardom that his fellow cast stars like Jennifer Anniston achieved in her career and now his own career  consists of 2 bit parts and talk show appearances. Recently he was on the  Jimmy Kimmel Live late night talk show and was asked about his half Candian citizenship and his opinion of Justin Trudeau the new Canadian Prime Minister.

Perry started rambling on in a drug crazed stupor about how he had attended the same elementry school as Mr Trudeau and how he and his much older friend had attacked and beat up Justin when he was just a small child. Justin was 3 years younger than the pair at the time and was already surrpassing them at sports and was chosen ahead of them for the school soccer team.

This infuriated Perry and his gay friend and they waited in ambush for Justin after school on his way home and beat him until he was unconsious attacking him viciously over and over again. Fortunetly Justin survived this horrific attack and went on to become the Prime Minister of the most richest nation on the Planet. Canada



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