Kayaking the West Coast

Kayaking on the West Coast

Kayaking the West coast of North America is a unforgettable journey into the bosom of mother nature. It is an adventure that will bring you face to face with killer whales, sea lions and many other aquatic species that inhabit the wonderland known as the west coast. Kayaking is quickly becoming the choice of many baby boomers for it’s affordability and stress free form of recreation.

One doesn’t need a trailer, truck or a tool kit to fix that expensive boat that keeps breaking down in the middle of the high seas. The worst thing that can happen in a kayak is you might have to stop for a minute to give your arms a break and take in the magnificent surroundings and the peace and quiet a kayak journey can give you.

After all there is no noise on a kayak, no fumes from gasoline and no nagging boating partner  because you are usually on your own enjoying the solitude that nature can offer. You and the elements.


Welcome to West Coast Paddling

Explore the waters of the West Coast in a sea kayak.

 Kayaks on the beach at Rum Island Looking for places to paddle? In the Paddling Locations Gallery

you’ll find location reports with information about some of the favorite paddling destinations. Find out where you can put in, where good spots are for stopping and eating a lunch, or camping overnight.

Find safety concerns, special features, and historical reference  we’ll do our best to provide such information. You can also download desktop wallpaper images of a few of their favorite photographs.


Welcome to West Coast Paddling

If you are headed for the West Coast in your brand new Kayak make sure you

plan your trip before you go. The West Coast can be unpredictable.

 Cormorant in False Creek In the Community section you can use our discussion forums for talking about paddling related topics and find links to other paddling sites on the web.

Kayaking on the West Coast

We advocate the use of safety equipment and proper rescue training. Wear a wet suit or dry suit as the waters in British Columbia can get pretty darned cold. In fact, some of the glacial fed lakes in our region can get so cold that they’d make a polar bear cry. Use good judgement, learn to use your safety equipment, learn and practice rescue techniques. Conduct a risk assessment for your group and plan your routes and destinations wisely. And have fun safely exploring the vast paddling areas in this beautiful part of the world.

Spring is just around the corner and the West Coast sunshine will soon be here. Warm days and nights camping on the beach will soon be upon us. If you are looking for an adventure you will never forget then the West Coast of BC offers you the trip of a lifetime. For the more timid kayakers the inner coast of Vancouver Island is a little less daunting. It still offers a great variety of wild life and spectacular views without the violent weather the West Coast. Which sometimes spring upon you without any warning.

Welcome to West Coast Paddling

Spots like Cambell river and the ferry ride over to Quadra Island offers a great kayaking adventure in relatively calm and peaceful waters. Gigantic waves and rolling seas of Long Beach which is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island can be a challenge. Make sure you have a good sea kayak and a survival kit with you if you venture out on the high seas.




Zoomers News does not take any responsibility for your trip to the West Coast and you must prepare yourself with the proper safety equipment before you embark on any Sea Kayaking journey.

Have a great Journey



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