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So you want to become a famous online blogger and your wondering how do I make money with a blog. Well the first thing you have to do is get your blog. You can get a free one or you can get your own Domain name and get either a managed WordPress or the self WordPress hosting. I strongly recommend you invest a few dollars a month and get your own Domain name and paid hosting for your blog.

It is quite simple really, I use Go and they do everything for you for under 20 bucks a month you got your own business. You can use any hosting company you like as there are many to choose from on the internet. This is the only way to make money with your blog.


Once you get your blog hosting and your domain name it is now time to build your blog. There are many free themes that are quite good in which you can choose from. Personally I invested a few dollars and got a pro theme and built a classified ad site with it. I am very happy with the theme and it wasn’t that hard to learn how to use it. With a good theme you can do a lot to enhance your blog and give your visitors a great experience when they visit. The Theme you are looking at right now is a free WordPress Theme and I really like it. It has a lot of functions, it is very simple to use and it is free.


So let’s get back on how to make money with your blog. The very first thing you should do is go to and take their free WordPress Blog training. This will help you tremendously on how to build a great looking blog fast and will even show you the best free themes to use. They will show you how to set up your blog, how to place google on it, how to get Search Engine Optimization using Yoast SEO. It is not that hard and you do not have to be a computer geek to become a professional blogger.

So how do you get traffic to your blog once you have it looking good and how the heck do you make any money with it. Simple. Find a great product such as a Free Health and Weight Loss program such as Chew the Fat Off for example. You might already have some great programs you want to share with the world and the way to do this is to start writing weekly blogs about them. Tell the world how great they are and most importantly, use the Plugin Yoast SEO you can upload on WordPress and start entering great keywords and content.

This will bring you traffic to your blog. One thing about a great WordPress Blog, once it is set up properly and the key words and content are written the search engines love them. They love blogs and if you have a good one it will shoot you to the top of the charts. There are many other way to get your blogs seen also such as blog directories and FREE Traffic Sites. Here is a great Rotator from the King of Traffic to get tons’ of free Advertising to your Blog.

So how do I make money online with a Blog? The key is to keep writing posts. Write as many as you can about your great new affiliate program. Post Ads on as many Classified Ad sites as you can. The search engines will find the keywords and shoot you up the traffic tree. Your blog will climb to the top branches and the traffic will start coming to your blog.

The traffic you want is targeted traffic so make sure those posts you are writing are focused on the product you are selling. You want to sign up affiliates to your program. You want to find a program everyone wants. A good one that pays awesome commissions is MLM Gateway.

So there you have the secret on how do I make money online with a blog. First and foremost get your own Domain name and get a paid WordPress host. You can get a free WordPress Blog but to be honest I have tried them both and like any great business if you want to be serious you have to be a Pro. Be the best. Do it right. Invest a few bucks and it could change your life.

Start today. You got nothing to do with yourself. You are bored and need to build a business for yourself and blogging is the way to go. It is cheap to start, fun to do and a great learning experience. You can do it. Don’t be afraid to try. Get going Zoomer and let us all know how it turned out.


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