Mars is Warming up and the Poles are melting

Mars is warming up
Mars is warming up

Human beings from Earth are planning to start a colony on Mars. Guess what? Mars is Warming up and the Poles are melting. Something very strange is going on in the cosmos. It seems like all our close neighbors like Mars, Jupiter and Pluto along with Earth are all warming. This is good news for a planned colony on Mars. The key to changing the atmosphere on the red planet is for it to warm up.


What would happen if the red planet warmed a little. It would turn green and blue. Interesting. Having an earth like planet so close to up has many possibilities. Even if it took a thousand years or so to change the climate on Mars it would be well worth it. Millions if not billions of years past to form earth and it’s atmosphere to support life so what’s a few thousand.


Life on Mars

What would happen if the planet does warm up a little? Life. Life would happen. When the ice caps and ice melt on the red planet then oceans would form. Water is life. That’s what the scientists look for. What that means for the dry dusty planet is plants and animals. Humans on earth could easily speed up the process by seeding the oceans and land with plants, fishes and small animals. Imagine having such valuable real estate so close to home.

Journey from Earth to Mars takes about 300 days. Every two years Mars is at its closest point, only 55 million km from Earth, and it’s the ideal time to send a spacecraft. Travel time depends on the positions of the planets and how much fuel you’re willing to burn. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now the trip could take much less. Warming up the dusty desert could happen much, much faster also with technology advancing at record speeds.


What would Mars look like with water

Life on Mars
Life on Mars

Well I think it would look much like a mini earth. Of course the planet would be smaller and the oceans not as deep but still a lot of desirable real estate. Let’s face it, the most expensive item on earth  is land. A commodity that is quickly becoming beyond the average persons reach. Mars could be the savior of the human race.

It is something that pioneers have sought all through human history. After all wouldn’t you jump on the chance to get a free flight to a newly created planet. After you got there you would be a homesteader with a chunk of mars for your very own.


Mars is waiting


Mars is a stones throw away and with a little tweaking could be a paradise off earth. A garden of Eden created by the gods. Of course the gods would be us. Certainly I am not saying that we are taking the place of the creator. Who knows maybe earth was seeded and created in the same way we are about to change the red planet. Ancient Aliens tells us that humans are genitally engineered by beings from another planet.


This theory could very well be viable when humans are about to do the same thing to Mars. Makes one think doesn’t it. You never really know what’s going on. We just get born and do our thing then die. Makes you wonder sometimes who are the ones doing all this scientific stuff. Maybe there the aliens.


The first Colony

Life on Mars
Life on Mars

Human beings have always had  in there  nature a hidden desire explore and colonize. All of the earths continents have been colonized by humans. Heck even the South Pole has people living their now. The temperature is very close to the South Pole so humans could live there easily.


All you need is a little planning and throw in some high tech gadgets you will be good to go. Personally I would love to spend my days roaming the martian landscape looking for stuff. It would be quite an adventure and I am sure people from all over the world are already signing up to be the first colonists on mars. No shortage of humans that want to get off this planet for sure.


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