Trump has told Mexico he plans to invade

Trump's Border Wall
Trump's Border Wall

Trump’s Border Wall is not going to work because the Mexicans are learning how to climb! Last month sales of ladders and climbing grapples have absolutely exploded as Mexicans are learning how to scale walls. Wall climbing businesses have opened up all along the border towns teaching the wantabe Americans how to climb.

One such company opened up in San Hose and business is booming. Hose, the owner of “Climb the Wall” told Zoomer’s News that desperate refugees from all over the world were willing to dish out big bucks for a wall climbing kit and a bus ride to the best climbing spots on the US border.

Trump’s wall could cost upwards of 21 billion dollars and it ain’t going to work. Any idiot with a ladder is going to be able to climb the wall so it just doesn’t make any sense why they are going to build it.

If you want to stop a flood of refugees pouring into the US by storming the wall and heading for Canada to get the free food and housing waiting for them you are going to need more than a wall to stop them. Trump knows this all too well and is already setting the table for a Mexican invasion by the National Guards new stop the mexicans army.

These forces will do a quick invasion across the border and quickly secure the Northern towns that are grouping stations for the refugees.

The plan would be a quick takeover of Northern Mexico and stamp out the groups who are smuggling the Drugs and refugees into Uncles Sams back yard. If you think the Mexican government is going to retaliate against the might of the US military might then you better think again.

Trump will then take control of Mexico and turn it into a giant Trump resort building fancy hotels and casinos all across the country and using the Mexicans as slave labor to cook tacos and clean the suites of all his rich friends. Russia is also in on the deal and loves the idea of finally having a nice warm place to bring their hot Russian girlfriends for fun in the sun.

Trump also is putting a bill through in legislation to bring back the slave trade. This would be a plan to put the black race back to work on the farms of America. After all their is going to be a big problem when they round up all the Mexicans and ship them back to Mexico. There will be no one to work the farms!

The prisons are jampacked with black people just sitting around all day eating government food and living for free. Trump plans to empty the prisons and put them back to work on the farms. When you think about it, it might be a good plan. It would give a chance for the prisoners to get out in the fresh air and be productive. Commit a crime and drive the farm combine will be the new motto.


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