Nasa found aliens? They’re already here

Many people are unconvinced that evolution alone was capable of taking humanity from its original brute aim form into the only animals on the planet Earth capable of language, writing, and civilization itself. Instead, they look towards the ancient scriptures and the stories from societies from all corners for the world that tell of mysterious visitors, fallen angels, gods or the Anunnaki. While these tales may vary slightly from one another, they all tell the same broad tale. God-like creatures once came from the heavens and brought human beings the tools to create vast and sophisticated civilizations.


Versions of these tales can even be found in the Christian Bible in reference to the fallen angels in Genesis, chapter 6. The mysteries posed by ancient scripture seem to be supported by the architectural evidence which has been believed to give modern humans their greatest clues about the ancient societies that came before them. For years, archaeologists, historians and engineers alike have been baffled by the supremely intelligent technology apparently available to
humanity’s ancient ancestors to build the extraordinary megaliths in regions such as Egypt, Peru, and Mexico.
But perhaps an even bigger clue lies in the genetic structure of human beings themselves.


Watch UFOs filmed hovering over Tyneside:
Has ET been visiting Geordieland?!

Meanwhile, outlandish theories

have emerged.

Is NASA really covering up strange geometric structures and towers that were filmed
and photographed on the moon during the Apollo missions?


Is there really a 13,000-year-old alien satellite

called the ‘Black Knight’ orbiting the earth?


Are Aliens on earth changing the next generation of Human Beings? Are they kidnapping

humans and doing genetic changes to turn the human population into a more smarter and inter galactic species that is being programmed by genetic engineering.

Why are children being born smarter and technology advanced than at any time in the history of man. Why is the climate of the earth changing so rapidly. Is it being readied for an alien occupation. It just could be so.

The Aliens are here and they are changing the planets atmosphere and interacting with humans to change the species into a whole new race of super beings. It is happening now all over the planet. Aliens have been experimenting  with humans for eons. From Caveman to Space Travelers in just a blink of an evolutionary eye just seems too hard to believe.

Wake up. They are here and they are about to take over.

Nasa found aliens? They’re already here

Do you believe aliens have visited the North East?

And did a space ship carrying extraterrestrial beings crash in the US desert at Roswell 70 years ago – and were they captured and taken to a top-secret US defence instalment called Area 51?

The internet and countless books would have us believe so.


In 1977, a Flight Lieutenant based at RAF Boulmer reported seeing “bright objects hanging over the sea” including an object that was “luminous, round and four to five times larger than a helicopter”.


in 2004, a Gateshead vicar photographed a bright object hovering in the night sky. He said: “It was hovering from left to right, and was extremely smooth. Then the light just turned off as if it was still there, but hidden.”

And back in 1940, Robert Hall, was ‘abducted by aliens’ from a back lane in Bensham, Gateshead. He was “taken onboard the ship by a group of grey, horrible- looking creatures.”

There are many more puzzling stories in the Chronicle archive.

On the 70th anniversary of Roswell, check out our video of UFOs over Tyneside and Durham.


Nasa found aliens? They’re already here

Do the strange lights in the sky have a logical, scientific down-to-earth explanation – or has ET been paying sneak visits to Geordieland in recent decades?

Finally, wild rumours swept the internet this week that NASA was about to make an announcement concerning the existence of alien life.

However, NASA science chief Thomas Zurbuchen said in a Twitter post on Tuesday: “Contrary to some reports, there’s no pending announcement from NASA regarding extraterrestrial life.”

Is that good or bad news? Who knows?

The truth is still out there.

Edited by Brent Arnold Walker
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