New Pot Laws in Canada

Well it looks like the New Pot Laws in Canada are about to unfold. Being raised in the 60’s and smoking pot as a teen anger I would say it’s about time. The first thing this new law will do is eliminate a lot of crime. Why buy Pot off a drug crazed biker when you can pick up a dime bag at your local pot store.

The illegal pot trade in Canada, especially BC Bud has been blooming for quite a while now. One could say it is one one of their biggest industry. Heck even are famous skiers have been kicked off the course a few time for consuming the evil weed.

What Now


Pain Relief for Pets
Pain Relief for Pets
Hemp medicines curing and aiding your health
Hemp medicines curing and aiding your health

Well I quess the next thing is to get all the pets stoned. It’s one thing smoking a little weed when you get up in the morning. It’s another thing to start using it as a constant pain relief 24 hours ad day. You can use the new hemp medicine to cure your pets. Blow a little reefer smoke their way to stop them barking. Nest time you go to the doggy park fire up a big fat one in the car. That should calm down fido when he hits the gate a running.

The new Hemp medicines curing and aiding your health have now arisen. You can become part of this gigantic industry and get great discounts on medicines. This might also help out greatly in the medicinal cost of your pets as they age. Also some of these new hemp medicines are also said to prevent and deter diseases such as cancer. If anyone has gone to the vet lately you will know what I am talking about when it comes to paying the bill.


New Pot Laws in Canada

Canada has always been a liberal country for pot. Ever since I have been a kid it has been around. I thing 90 percent of every high school kid in this country has tried it once or twice. It hasn’t destroyed the country so far. Lot’s of top politicians have admitted to smoking the evil weed. The country hasn’t collapsed yet and I doubt it will once the laws have passed.

Will it effect jobs and work. I highly doubt it will change anything. The pot smokers will continue on as usual. Will they smoke more? I highly doubt that too. Just because your buying your pot off some one else it is not going to change your habits. Will it cause more people to start smoking more pot? This is the question that you should be concerned with.

When pot becomes available on every street corner store it could be consumed more. Just like any product that flashes it’s availability it is likely to get bought more. The government will naturally be raking in the tax dough. Trudeau will be lighting up with Trump in the White House with their new found riches.


What about the kids


People always want to know what effect this will have on our kids. This is a good question because when the make alcohol legal it made quite an impact. I think about half the family’s in North America and certainly in Canada had a drinking problem. After all Beer is part of the culture and I think most kids start drinking pretty early in life.

Will the kids consume more pot? They just might. I think they will turn away more from alcohol and start smoking more weed. Personally I think this is a better alternative. You just have to remember when you were young. All those drunken parties and the troubles that ensued. Shocking! Maybe smoking more pot will calm the kids down. Most of them are already on Ritalin anyways.



Well it looks like the country is about become a stone head. This should boost up tourism. We will have to wait and see what the outcome is.




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