Well it looks like the WHO remames the deadly CoronoVirus to a less intimidating name. It is now called the Covid-19. Now doesn’t that sound more scientific. Also it seems very strange that the city that this Virus broke out in has a Pandemic lab. What that is is aContinue Reading

Anti-Aging is Possible with CBD Oils

It looks like CBD Oils are finally being recognized as a real health alternative. Even anti-aging is possible with CBD Oils. Let’s take a look at the history of hemp and hemp seeds and learn a little about their history in healing. Hemp originated in Central Asia. Hemp cultivation for fibre was recordedContinue Reading

Bahamas Relief Support through Silver Coins

2017 1OZ SILVER DRAGON & PEARL ANTIQUED COIN Bahamas Relief Support through Silver Coins. Why order GEM BU Australia Antiqued Silver Dragon & Pearl coins?The dragon is a divine mythical creature in Chinese culture, often depicted with a flaming pearl, a representation of spiritual energy, power and immortality. Issued byContinue Reading

Hair ReGrowth with CBD Hair Restorer

Are you having problems with your hair. Is it losing it’s shine or maybe your hair is starting to grow brittle and dull. There are ways to attain hair regrowth with CBD hair restorer. This is an amazing new product from the United States. Hemp oils have much valued nutritionalContinue Reading

Inflation Rising in Canada and the USA

It looks like inflation rising in Canada and the USA is starting to appear. Royce Mendes, senior economist at CIBC noted that headline inflation data rose at its fastest pace since in a year.However, he added that it still shouldn’t have much impact on interest rate expectations. US inflation cameContinue Reading

Insects are disappearing around the World

Today I woke up early and clicked on YouTube. Always a great information source to find out what’s going on around the world. Well to my horror I discovered that insects are disappearing around the globe. Almost in every country the numbers have been devastated over the last decade. SoContinue Reading

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