It looks like a pretty good picture of a mogollon monster or Bigfoot spotted in Arizona. The Mogollon Monster is a creature that has been discussed in accounts from central and eastern Arizona  along the Mogollon Rim. It is most often described as a Big Foot or Ape but many sighting differ in variation. SomeContinue Reading

Install your own Solar Panels on your RV

Thinking about heading out to Arizona this winter? Want to get away from that ice and snow. Tired of dishing out all that cash for electricity. Why not install your own solar panels on your rv or camper. Learn the ins and outs and the right way to do itContinue Reading

What does the Bible say about Aliens

So just what does the bible say about aliens. Many things are written about casting out demons and supernatural events, What about miracles? Were miracles performed by alien beings. Find out what the bible has to say about aliens. Many events happened in the past that were categorized as miraclesContinue Reading

Planet X

Was Planet X caught on camera in Canada. 2 Suns caught on Camera in Northern Canada. What’s going on in our sky’s. Is there something there not telling us. Is another planet approaching? Strange times indeed. Weird weather, strange animal behavior. Are these omens of things to come. Since theContinue Reading