Scorpio Meditation for Power and Abundance

Scorpio Meditation
Scorpio Meditation

Some say that the Scorpio sign is the most powerful in the Zodiac. Songs have even been written by one of the most famous rock stars ever. Mick Jagger sang the famous song. Scorpio by birth star and it was one of the most famous zodiac songs of all times. I think it even beat the song “This is the age of Aquarius”.

Scorpio Meditation
Scorpio Meditation

Scorpio Mediation for Abundance and Power is a powerful meditation created on the Scorpio full moon and tunes in on the power of this sign. Get rid of the negative in your life and have a more successful and abundant life through simple daily meditation using the power of the universe.

Deep meditation is a way to revitalize your body in mind and spirit. Manifest your reality by taking some time each day to clear your mind of all the negativity the world brings and tune into the pure love of the universe. Life was created for joy and good health and abundance and the infinite power that the Universe can provide.

Your brain is like a computer and receives daily programming from incoming data all day long. You can learn how to control this data. How to get rid of the bad programming or bad channels so to speak and change them to channels that only deliver the good music to your subconscious.

Doesn’t your car need a good tune up every now and then to run correctly. Well my friend, you need a good tune up every now and then also to get rid of that build up of bad karma. You need to flush out your body and spirit and get rid of the bad input that is effecting your programming.

If you had a virus on your computer wouldn’t you get get a program to eliminate it. Of course you would. If you are feeling depressed, down, fearful, lonely or unloved you need to be reprogrammed through the power of love. You can do this through daily meditation by bringing more positive thoughts into your life.

Abundance and good health and happiness can be manifested into your life. Feeling down, feeling low, feeling like you are unwanted and unloved. The universe loves you. The universe created you. You are a child of the universe living in a physical body. You are part of the universe and the universe is part of you. You are connected with this power and all you have to do is tune in and reprogram your mind.

Find a quiet spot, turn off all the outside negative waves flowing into your life. Sit back, relax, have a cup of warm herbal tea. Put on the headphones, close your eyes and forget about everything and let this powerful Scorpio meditation change your reality today!

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