So how do I grow my own Pot

Next year which is coming fast is going to bring a whole new life experience to Canadians. There is going to be legal pot. Yes, just like down in the USA in certain states pot is going to be legal. Nobody really knows how much it is going to cost but every Canadian will be allowed to grow there own Pot legally. So how do I grow my own Pot.

Well this is your lucky day because here at Zoomers News you are going to learn how to grow the best Pot on the Planet because this site is home of the Baby Boomers, the ones that made smoking pot a whole new culture. Yup, from hippies to herbal remedies, everyone was smoking, chewing, and making tasty cookies out of the good old Marijuana plant.

So one thing we know and that is how do I grown my own Pot.

the main thing you need to grow pot is a light. Not just any light either, you need a 1000 watt Bulb. Don’t use anything less. Back in the day we used to use the Metal Halide and Sodium Bulbs for growing Pot. These lights used to cost around 400 dollars a pop. The most expensive part of the Grow your own Pot at Home culture.

Nowadays there is a whole new technology in lighting and that is called Led lighting. These lights couldn’t grow much a couple of years ago but recently they have come a long way and are now spitting out 1000 watts of full spectrum lighting.  Check out what these new lights can do.

  • High efficiency optimized for PAR, extremely sufficient lights spectrum, super light penetration
  • Plants grow faster and flower bigger – Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-730nm) promotes;
  • Powerful cooling fan system inside, cool and quieter; Photosynthesis for growth & blooming
  • All LEDs with a Zener to ensure one LED does not work the rest can continue to operate
  • More than 50000 hours long life span, energy saving and environmental protection

Another thing about these lights is they do not put out a lot of heat and they do not use a lot of electricity like the Metal Halides and Sodiums do. Don’t buy one of these lights from the States because they are expensive down there. You can get one up here in Canada for less that 200 bucks and they are on sale some days for half that cost.


Ok now you have your light. There are many different ways to grow Pot. Hydroponics, the small pot method, the table top method, the closet method. Indoor, Outdoor and bunkers have all been tried and all have been much like the moonshiners, hiding out in the hills, growing their pot. Ok, Now that pot is legal to grow, or will be shortly I want to show you all the different ways you can grow it.  How to Grow Pot


This is a great site down in the states that teaches you everything you will ever need to know about Pot. Their stuff is a little expensive but the E-Book they got and their Website is priceless when it comes to growing and nurturing your own private little grow-op. Hey if it’s going to be legal and you like smoking pot why not grow it yourself.


Growing your own Pot is simple these days. All you need is the right light and now you know where to get the one you need cheap. Don’t go to hydroponic stores they will only charge you triple for the same thing. You don’t need much once you bought your light. A good way to grow your pot simply and cheap with no fuss or muss is to simply use some small black plastic pots.

Buy Seeds

Buy about six of them, I think that is the legal amount of pot you are allowed to grow. It might be less or more because they haven’t finalized the laws yet.

So now you got your pots for around ten bucks or so you just need your median to put in the pots to grow you plants.

Get a bag of hydroponic porous rocks, you know those small light rocks with holes in them. Sprinkle them in your pots about 2 or 3 inches high. Get a bag of per lite and vermiculite and mix them up. Fill up your Pots with the mixture.

Hang the light from the ceiling. Build an enclosure out of reflective material, anything white is good. Usually for one light a 6 by 6 mini closet is good. On the floor build a mini picnic table  type structure out of boards so the plants are off the floor. Put 2 plants of first level 2 on the top and 2 plants on the other side. You are ready to grow.

When you are ready to plant your seedlings which you can grow in a different area from seeds you can get on the internet just pour your plant food and water mixture into the pots to moisten them up and then put your plants in the pots and fire up the light. That’s it.

The only other thing you’ll need is a timer. You set the timer for 18 hours a day. This is grow. When the plants are about a foot to 2 feet high you switch the timer to 12 hours a day. Voila, buds will start to grow.

Make sure you have a fan going 24 hours a day on the plants. And an exhaust fan pumping out the air to an outside area. This keeps the plants healthy and oxygenated.

If you know someone who has clones you can use them but you have to worry about viruses and such being transmitted. If you can order some good seeds from a reliable dealer then you usually will have a safe grow room that is free from any kind of sickness. Make sure you use hydroponic food and not regular plant food like miracle grow and such.

Cloning your plants.  Once you have your first crop you can now make your own clones and won’t have to buy seeds again. It’s simple to do. Just snip off any leaf on the plant about two inches long. Scrape the stem, stick it into root powder and put it in a grow pod. You can get an old fish tank from your local thrift store and just buy a regular two foot plant light. Stick your pods on the bottom of the tank and flick on the light. A couple weeks later you will have clones ready to plant for your next crop.


It takes years to learn how to Grow your own Pot unless you get good advice from a hardened hippie here at Zoomers News. Just follow the easy directions and you will have free pot for the rest of your life.

Stay high




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