So What is happening to our World

As I awoke this morning the smell of burning embers crept into my nostrils as I took my first early morning breath of the day. I gazed up into the morning sky and the smoky haze was everywhere, darkening the skys and blocking out the usually blue sky and bright white puffy clouds of the dawn.

Fires are breaking out everywhere all over the Province and the smoke from these fires is starting to darken the Vancouver skies. The smell of smoke is everywhere and it comes and goes as the shift of the daily winds ebb and flow.

What is happening to our world? There have never been fires so intense. There has never been such weird days of extreme heat then the next of a sudden drop of temperature and then a crazy rain. Is the planet out of control. Have we crossed the threshold into unknown territory? It just maybe so.

The planet is reeling and reacting to the forces that are trying to destroy it. Who are these forces? They are not aliens brothers and sisters. It is you. Human Beings. The Polar Caps are melting. Did you know that just the other day a huge chunk of ice fell into the ocean, well broke off anyways. It was already in the ocean. It won’t cause a sea rise but it is going to reap havoc on ships traveling the ocean in that area. After all no one wants to run into an ice berg. Remember the titanic.

The world is changing and it is changing fast. Just the other day I read an article that said we might be on the verge of changing the aging gene in our body’s to live longer than we ever dreamed possible and this could be happening in our lifetime. Amazing.

So what does this mean for the planet we live on. It means more strain on the resources and animals who live here. As if they are not already under threat.

Human beings need to change the way they do business and economics and they have to do it fast. They have to give up the fossil fuel ways of yesterday and move on to the unlimited resources of the universe and they have to do it now. There is no more time.


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