Stock Market Crash News and the Fall of the Dollar

Today lets discuss the Stock Market Crash News for October 2018. Is the stock market crash a new bear market and boomers are going to lose there retirement cash. Personally I don’t think this is going to happen and I will tell you why. First of all never in the history of the world has there been so much money sloshing around the global financial systems. Trillions if not s Quadrillions of dollars are being made.  Where is all this cash going.


The big companies of the world are buying back stock shares. A record amount of cash from these mega companies that basically rule the planet are pouring their profits back into their companies. What this means is they are going to become even bigger and richer. So what does this have to do with their stocks and dividends they pay. It means stocks are poised to blast to a new height never seen before.

Best place to be in the coming Stock Market Explosion

Stock Market Crash
Stock Market Crash

There seems to be the fear that rising rates in the U.S. are going to crash the stock market.  There is only one problem with this theory. U.S. Dollars are being taken out of the world system and pouring back into the United States Stock Market. Countries from all around the world are facing lower valuations of there money because of this. The more money being taken out of the worlds financial system means less dollars. Less dollars means they are worth more, just like any other commodity.


How high can the dollar go? The sky is the limit which will make the value of stocks also rise. American stocks are bough and sold in Dollars and the dividends they pay out to you are also rising big time. This means countries with falling currencies will be getting the benefits of being paid in the Yankee Buck. And the Yankee Buck is not going away for a very long time.


Stock Market Crash


The Stock Market may be crashing as I am writing these words but believe me, it will not last. First of all the rates around the world are not rising. Only in the good old U.S. of A. are the rates on the move. For the foreseeable future this means the Dollar will also be on the rise. U.S. stocks will become one of the hottest items on the planet for investors from around the world. Stocks will soar and soar until they crash. In my view, which is humble, this will not happen for quite some time.


When the rising rates finally do cause mayhem in the markets what will they do? Flood the markets with even more cash, printing it out of thin air as they always do. There is no limit to how much cash they can print. Millions turned in Billions. Billions have turned into Trillions. Trillions will now turn into Quadrillions and I don’t even know the amount after that. Of course this will pump up the stock market to height never imagined before. And you can cash in big time.


Dividend stocks

Let’s get down to reality here and think about this. The powers that be will not be able to raise interest rates too high. If they do the whole debt system around the Globe will come crashing down. What they will do is tweak the system, find the sweet spot between doom and gloom and ever lasting prosperity for all. Technology will enhance the entire planet with cheap fuel and clean transportation which will clean up the air. Financial assets will grow and grow and grow onto infinity. After all their is no limit to how much money the printing presses can create.


Dividend stocks will soar. Companies pouring money back into their stocks will be raising their dividends and you my friend will be the benefit er of this tend. There are only so many stocks to buy. With companies buying trillions of dollars worth of their own shares the dividends will increase along with the stock price. For how long this will continue who knows but it will continue until the dollars starts to fall.


When will the Dollar fall

The dollar will not fall for awhile that is for sure. In fact I think it is about to soar a lot higher in the near term. When it does fall due to global recession or mayhem in the world or maybe an interest rate reversal then it might be time to buy some gold. Until them the gold is in the U.S. Dividend stocks. Every one is not going to be putting their eggs in one basket like the Pot markets or Bit Coins and their kind. It is just too dangerous.


Diversity is safety for sure. Danger is exciting and these areas can soar but they are not for the faint of heart. These are very explosive markets and you could lose your shirt along with your underway if caution is not taken. For example what would happen if you had your entire portfolio in the Pot Stocks. All of a sudden they discover that it causes some dangerous disease or side effect. Your investment will disappear over night and you will be smoking a lot of the stuff yourself.




Well everyone has to have an opinion and this article is mine. Don’t run out and heed my advice because it is only my opinion. I could be right and I could be wrong. Always be safe in any kind of financial endeavor and have all he bases covered. Have a little of this a little of that and not all those eggs in one basket. Tweak a little here and there with proper investigation and have protection against any major crash. I just can’t see one coming for awhile but who knows. The whole world could come tumbling down tomorrow. This is why it is always good to have a little silver. It’s cheap right now and you got nothing to lose by having a little tucked away.





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