What you should know about the Trump Debt and Tax Cuts

It’s interesting how the economy is being manipulated with tax cuts. Everyone is worried about inflation or the enormous amount of debt being created. Don’t worry, they have this enormous debt down to a fine science folks. Tweaking and creating an infinite amount of cash is how they are going to do it. Fire up that money machine and drop the cash on the people.

They are doing this in many ways. One of the main ways is to create zillions of dollars out of thin air to prop up the stock market. Where are these trillions going. Well into the top companies around the globe. How is this infinite amount of money going to be distributed. Through dividends and stocks rising into infinity. This bodes well for retirees.


How to profit from the Tax Cuts

tax cuts
tax cuts


So how does a poor zoomer make extra income off these zillion-airs. The best way is to start investing a small amount of your extra cash into dividend paying stocks of the top companies of the world. Companies like Coke and Nestles will never go broke. It doesn’t matter if the stock market crashed tomorrow. These companies will prosper on paying you ever rising dividends from the huge cash creation being funneled into the stock market.


A good example would be a low cost index fund of the S&P index in the U.S. This index has the top diversification of the Global mega companies that pay dividends. Trillions and trillions of dollar creation are being funneled into this index and will be for years and years to come. Why you ask? The simple reason is that money creation cannot stop. It must continue into infinity. What used to be millions turned in billions. What used to be billions is being turned into trillions. Who knows what lies next.


The world of Qua-zillions


We just might be entering an era of infinite money. After all it is getting to late to raise interest rates too high. The whole system will just come crashing down. The powers that be that rule the world are not about to let that happen folks. This is why a good dividend fund will out do almost every other kind of asset. Why? Simply because this unlimited amount of cash is about to be funneled directly into these companies for years to come. Tax cuts and money creation make this the new reality.


Your cash flow through dividends will grow year after year through these mega companies. Let’s face the facts about the new government plan. They now own trillions in cash. Also companies and mortgages. Yes the government own a big chunk of banks and a big chunk of General Motors. Just to name a couple. Who knows what they own. Maybe half the big biz of the world might be owned by the government. Or just maybe the big biz own the government. One thing for sure, they own the money system.


Got no Cash


This is going to be one of the greatest threats of this new shift of wealth. It is not going into the hands of the masses. Just who owns the highest percentage of these dividend stocks. Wealth corporations and the CEOs and insiders that buy them. Some might call them the 1 per centers of the elite. Ones that are buying up their own companies and driving the stock price and dividends to unlimited and infinite heights.


Let’s face it, with the new reality of unlimited cash creation there is no limit on how high the stock market could go. And dividend payouts along with it. Is your pension rising? Are your wages going up? Your house might have gone up quite a bit lately but the government is stepping in to control run away housing costs. Companies are not giving the workers higher wages so they do not want real estate rising too high. This is not a conspiracy just economics and you should be aware.


Is your house an Asset


What is going to happen when tens of thousands of baby boomers decide that there house is suddenly not an asset. After 50 years of ownership all of a sudden everything needs to be fixed. Roofs, flooring, new paint, furnace, plumbing and the list goes on. Time to sell and move on. Where are all the buyers going to come from when all the wealth is being directed into the stock markets and dividends. The elite are in control now and housing is not on their agenda.


The only housing that is going to be built will be for retirement homes. Millenniums want houses too of course but they don’t want your old fixer upper. Condos will be in big demand for the simple fact that both boomers and millenniums want a simple life style with less cost. Lower utility payments, taxes and basic home costs are a lot cheaper with a condo. With wages not rising and pensions shrinking this kind of housing will be in great demand.




This of course is just my opinion. Know one knows what the future holds. Dividend paying companies just might be the hottest investment opportunity of the next 10 years.

Trump’s tax cut windfall lifts stock dividends to new record

  • U.S. dividends hit a new record high in the first quarter even as markets fell, according to the S&P Dow Jones Indices.
  • There were no dividend cuts in the S&P 500 for the period, a first for the benchmark, according to Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst for S&P Dow Jones.
  • “Given the record cash levels, repatriation and expected record earnings helped by lower tax rates, 2018 could post its seventh consecutive year of record payments,” Silverblatt says.


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