The Art of staying young

The Art of staying young

Have you retired and are feeling a little run down? You need to get a hobby or a reason to stay motivated! The worst thing for us retired guys to do is to get bored. One of the reasons to keep us healthy and alive is to have purpose. If you retired poor and have no money to keep you motivated and happy then let our purpose be to create wealth from nothing.

So how does one go about creating wealth out of thin air. I want you to sit down in your favorite chair and turn off all your distractions such as your computer, tv, radio, etc and clear your mind. I want you to think of what your greatest pleasures or deepest desires are. I want you to think about what you loved most in life that made you happy.

It could of been when you were young and liked to ski. Maybe it was that science class you took in high school where you excelled. It could be anything. You were born into the universe to fulfill your purpose and to eventually evolve into the pure perfection of being that you were born to be. Confusion reigns rampant among us when we are born into this world. Like empty vessels who are left out in the rain we are filled with the waters of life until we are full but we know not why.

We must seek to use the waters, to pour it onto the plants that thirst. To feed it to the lives that quench. To spread it among the world because we are the vessels that contains the life. You are a vessel full of the life that the universe has filled you with. You must learn to harness this precious gift and to share it among the world.

Have you figured out what your special gift might be yet? We all have something that makes us unique. Like snowflakes falling to the earth causing a white blanket of wonder for your eye to behold. Every snowflake is different and each one a design of perfection. Just like you! You are different from every other human being on the planet, yet you are perfection, created from the universe with your own special powers you can draw on from within.

Listen to the voice within and discover what your purpose might be. Follow that purpose and cultivate it to grow and flourish and then share it with your friends and strangers too. Contact with people will enrich you and keep you young. Like cooking?  then bake some cookies and pass them out to people on the street. Find out what talent has blessed you with and bless others with that talent.

The most important thing to staying young is to open up your mind and body to the universe and invite the angels of health and well being into your body. Your body is made up of atoms and each one is a miniature dynamo of cosmic energy controlling your physical being. Invite the angel of health into every atom of your being. Start with your toes and work your way up to the last strand of your hair. The angels of healing are there for you, for your command. Command them to heal you, to restore you, to make you young and they will!

Remember there is no beginning and there is no end. You are the alpha the omega, you are eternal. Your body is water and minerals from the earth. Your conscious awareness is from the universe and it is forever.  So smile and be happy and know that with finding your purpose which is to become more like the Christ you will attain eternal youth in the gardens of bliss!


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