Tigers Back from Retirement and Old Age

06 JUN 2010: Tiger Woods on the 13th green during the final round of the Memorial Tournament held at Muirfield Village G.C. in Dublin, Ohio.

Tiger has been through the ropes. Bad back, bad marriage, bad drugs and getting old. But now hes back. Regardless of all these problems and deep troubles he has gone through the Tiger did it. He won the PGA tour once again.

Date:Sep 20–23, 2018

That’s right, 9,000,000 bucks for a few days work. Pays to be a Golfer. Can you even begin to imagine the perks that come along with it. Tigers set for life ticket came in. Good on you Tiger and your new girlfriend. Yup the Tigers even got a new gal rooting in the wings for him.
Tiger Woods
Pro golfer Tiger Woods was born in Cypress, California, in 1975. He won the U.S. Masters at Augusta in 1997 with a record score at age 21, making him the youngest man and the first African American to earn the title.
Were glad your back from retirement Tiger and also back on top. All the best in the future and may God bless you and your new gal.
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