Trump attacks and Syrians run for the hills

Trump attacks and Syrians run for the hills
Trump attacks and Syrians run for the hills

Trump finally got a little peeved at the weapons of destruction used by the terrorist Syrian regime and decided to take out their Air Force.Trump attacks and Syrians run for the hills. Trump has the whole world shaking in their boots and the Syrians run for the hills after losing their air force. The people of Syria who have been victimized and terrorized for years have had their hopes and dreams of freedom uplifted and the whole Islamic world has found a new love for Trump.

Just a few short weeks ago the good Muslims of the world thought Trump was the the Anti-Christ or in their world the Anti-Allah sent up from hell to do them great evil and destruction. It turns out Mr Trump is their savior and this could turn the tide on the bad guys of the world. Even North Korea must be shaking in their boots after the U.S. Navy unleashed a few missiles from miles away with such pin point accuracy that it wiped out an entire Air Force with just one strike.

I hope the fizzled out missile attempt from the Northern Koreans will show just how futile a war with the yanks would be. The Americans are among many things a powerful foe to deal with and a military power that is not to be messed with. Any country in the world including the Russians and Chinese would be wiped out in the blink of a stars and stripes eye. They know it and the yanks know it and us Canadians and other US allies would join in on the battle and the world would be at war once again.

This time once the demons have been let out of their cages they might not be so easy to catch and lock back up again. Nerve Gas being dropped on civilian populations is something that would be considered murder and like it or not somebody in this world has to be the local cop. I guess Trump has took it upon his self to be that cop and has just became judge, jury and executioner, so look out world and stay in line.

The clouds of war are on the horizon. The weather is getting out of control. The peoples of the world are quickly depleting the resources. Competition between countries for trade and resources is starting to bubble. Military might is starting to build among rogue nations such as North Korea, Middle East countries such as Iran and the extreme Islam nations. All that is needed now is a world depression or the springing of hyper inflationary pressures like what happened in Europe to trigger the 2nd world war. I hate to be an alarmist but I think flow of refugees now would only be a trickle compared to what would happen when the battles begin.


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