Trump get’s Trumped

Trump get's Trumped
American Economy about to Crash

It looks like the Refugees are in and Trump is out. Lawyers from Washington are saying that Trump is trying to pass stuff in legislature that just ain’t legal. Well how about that. I guess the US ain’t ready for a King or what do you call those guys. Oh yah, a Dicktator.

Hope I spelled that right. Good thing we still got freedom of speech in this country. Better keep my address hidden or someone might come to Canada and fire me. Good thing I got blue eyes and a light complexion I could still get on a plane and fly down to Reno for the weekend without worrying about getting locked up and getting some water torture.

Justin is heading down stateside soon to figger out a way to keep the trade flow going. We need someone to sell the BC Bud to. Imagine a 30% tax on an already 30% difference on the loonie and your looking at a pretty dear orange from California. I guess we could always bypass the yanks and just get our stuff from Mexico. There all flooding to our borders anyway since Trump kicked em out.

The good news is now that the Muslims are allowed back in the states the Canadians will have time to finish their own wall without having to worry about the workers getting trampled from the flood of lost souls pouring across the border fields in the dead of night. Something pretty dire going on when you put your life at risk to escape the US. Reminds me when they had the wall in Russia and they just shot you when you tried to escape. In this case they want you to leave and shoot you if you stay.

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