Trump Invades New Found Land

I don’t know if you have read the latest news on Wall Street but the debt ceiling is about to come up again and it looks like the same old story, the states has to raid the ceiling to get more cash. Trump has put in a new plan to raise cash and it is all over the internet, Trump invades New Found Land.

Trump is going to need a ton of cash so he has decided to pile thousands of armed troops into the transports and head to the middle east. He hasn’t got any cash for the gas to get there so he has to stop by Newfoundland in Canada on the way and do a quick invade to capture some Codfish and raid the ocean oil fields to tank up the freighters.



Who said this guy is stupid. Some Nazi running around Quebec bothering the Muslims seems to think he is a great guy and wants to jump on the ship and head off to Afghanistan to fight the mighty terrorists who live in the caves of the Pakistan mountains. Yup these guys are a real threat and I shake every morning when I wake up thinking one of them might have hitch hiked over here to BC to blow up my car.

Thousands of Americans pouring into the mountains and borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan are really going to cure the problem of an American born Jihad maniac wanting to blow up his local MacDonald’s Fast Food joint. I am glad Trudeau has a little more oxygen left in his brain cells that Trump does and has decided not to jump on the Trump Train.



I always thought the problem was over in Iraq with the rise of the ISIS but hey, what do I know. I haven’t heard of anybody running around in Afghanistan causing the kind of havoc that the chosen ones over in the new Muslim Kingdom do, have you. The people in Afghanistan don’t really live like the rest of the world do but hey, who are we to judge!

It seems to me after a lot of investigation that the crimes of the Taliban were the way they treated their women. In America a woman basically has the right to do anything she wants short of a serious crime of course. The Taliban treat women nothing short of an animal so I wanted to find out why. This treatment of women comes from the Taliban’s unofficial policy of populating the country by means of a wholly male population, with the hopes of creating a country populated by radical and fanatical Islamists , which inturn would be a threat to world peace.




But did you know that this mountainous, remote, barren and rocky country might hold another reason that Trump want’s it besides the protection of it’s woman. There could however, be other reasons as to why Western powers hold so much interest in the country.

Afghanistan’s arid and mountainous topography has rich natural resources of gold, silver, copper, zinc, uranium, lead, iron and precious and semi-precious stones, not to mention it’s as yet massive, untapped natural gas and petroleum reserves.

Trump is eyeing this as an opportunity to stuff the American Bank Account with Trillions of Dollars and pay off that giant credit card that soon will need a payment.

One thing for sure, the Codfish and the Lobsters will be running for the hills when the steamships of the American War Machine steam on by, stuffed with hungry Americans looking for their next meal.


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