Trump Red Neck

President Trump just might be Trump Red Neck.  Is Trump a Red Neck?  What is a Red Neck?  That is a backwoods country boy driving around in his broken down truck causing trouble. We all know that Trump is from the big Apple. Did he spend some time down in the Ozarks learning how to be a Red Neck. It sure looks like it.

Is this guy  turning into a total nut job and I can see why that North Korean dude want’s to drop a few bombs on him. The guys an out of control trouble maker. Starting an all out global war seems to be his main agenda. Bad enough he is starting an internal war in his own country. Now he want’s to drag the whole world into a trade war.

What is a trade war
Trump Red Neck

A trade war is simply people in different countries battling over the price of stuff. If you bring stuff into my country that’s cheaper than my stuff then your going to pay. Quite simple really. Except for the simple fact that people forget. Quality will count when stuff is the same value. If your going to buy a China wrench or an English wrench for the same price which one would you pick.  hmmm… someone here is going to be a big loser. No wonder some countries are freaking out.

Countries that make really good stuff will have an even keel. They would no longer be getting bumped off the shelves by cheap knock offs. Those knock offs won’t be cheap anymore. Yes Trump is a trouble maker all right. The countries selling that cheap crap are going to hate him if he whacks on a huge tariff to that junk. I think he should. Then maybe they will keep all that cheap junk and sell it back where it comes from.

All the boy’s down home in Congress like Paul Ryan think Trumps off his rocker. There all going to get together in the round room and give him a talking to. These guys have been promoting cheap crap to the states for a long time. Let’s face it these boys probably got their fingers in the pudding. Who knows how many child labor factories those rich boys got cooking in the third worlds. Any guesses?

Should we worry

Trump Red Neck
Trump Red Neck
Is Trump a Red Neck

There is probably not too much  to worry about. I don’t buy overseas junk too much anyways. If local companies are competing against just each other then quality stuff will get cheaper. They will no longer stay out of business because the cheap junk from other countries will now be on an even playing field. They can get back in business again. When they do their biggest competitors now will be the guy on the next block.



In conclusion Mr. Trump I say bring on the tariffs and get rid of the crap. It’s been far too long that third world countries have been dumping their junk on our shores. Who knows I might have a bit of Red Neck in me too. Some piece of crap from you know where that breaks 5 minutes after you buy it don’t belong here.

Kids and the poorest of the poor slave away for hours in these hell holes making you this junk. They get paid the lowest wages on the planet. You are buying this stuff. When you do you are becoming one of them. I admire Trump the old Red Neck for stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat. It’s about time someone did.


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