Vancouver Fixer Upper House only 2.4 Million

ancouver Fixer Upper House only 2.4 Million
ancouver Fixer Upper House only 2.4 Million

Well Folks it looks like the days of owning a home in Vancouver for the average Joe are getting near the end. My Buddy Egor found a great little fixer upper the other day and it was only 2 and 1/2 million. Now this is a bargain considering that awesome 30 Dollar an hour job your partner has and the 30 dollar an hour job you have.

After all that gives you 60 dollars an hour. If you both work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week you are looking at a whopping 1440 a day. That is a whopping 1/2 million a year folks. Now if you don’t eat or do any thing dumb and put your whole income into this beauty you can have it paid off in 5 years.

If you like to eat and do other dumb stuff like go to movies and eat popcorn then this little baby can be yours in only 20 years. Mind you if you go back to working 10 hours a day it might take a little longer to pay this prize home off. Maybe 30 years. Just think 30 years from now working ten hours a day, 7 days a week this prize gem could be something special you could pass down to your loved ones.

Add some more sticks and build a quest house. Having kids, just place a few sticks on the roof and get a nursery with a view. Vancouver living is at your fingertips with the new Stick Condos. Limited resources used and no environment damage done.



There doesn’t seem any end to the housing crisis in Vancouver and for the many who are not in this market the situation seems to be getting worse.

Limited land and space within the Lower Mainland is making if hard even for the new NDP government to come up with ways of making it possible for the average Joe to live within the inner grid of this popular world destination.

The answer is to build ever dense population units such as higher Condo buildings and higher high rises with more units. This is one possible solution with dire consequences. This means putting more resources to work on the grid and more vehicles on the roads which means more congestion.

The problem with Vancouver is it is situated between the United States and the Coastal Mountains ranges of Grouse, Seymour and Cyprus ranges which extend right up the Fraser River to Hope. This means a limited supply of space to build.

When you have thousands of acres of farmland in the Fraser Valley at risk with a higher density of population and pollution pouring down on the food you eat you have a problem. With more cars commuting into Vancouver you have more exhaust and more pollution going into the atmosphere. Where does this pollution go. It heads straight out into the Fraser Valley and rains down on the Farms.

The cows who give milk eat the grass. The chickens who lay the eggs you eat that are free range eat the grass and insects. The beef that grazes on the grasses eat these pollutants. As Vancouver grows with higher and more dense population there are more barbecues, more workers using gas operated tools. More cruise ships, more Tug Boats, more Fishing Boats, more of everything sending pollution straight up into the westerly winds coming off the ocean and sending the air straight out to the narrow channel of the Fraser Valley.

The answer to Vancouver’s housing problem is quite simple folks….Stick housing…


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